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My name is Randall Wharton and I specialize in affordable uncontested Kansas divorces. My lowest-fee guarantee shows how confident I am that you won’t find a lower price anywhere, so contact me today to begin the process.

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I keep referencing a lowest-fee guarantee. So, what are the details? Simple: Describe your situation to me. I will quote you a price. If you find another Kansas attorney who represents you in your divorce for less than what I quote you, I will pay you $100. Of course, there are some restrictions here. In order to qualify for this, the service you have performed by the other attorney has to exactly match the one you wanted me to do. We have to compare apples to apples; you cannot get a quote from me for one kind of service and then hire someone else to perform a different kind of service and ask me to make good on my guarantee. Also, I will need to see a copy of your divorce petition and your decree along with a signed affidavit from you stating that you paid another lawyer less than the price I quoted you to do your divorce. The guarantee is only good for 30 days from the date of my quote. So, if you hire another attorney and your divorce case is filed within 30 days of my quote, just contact me with all the required documents and wait for your check to arrive! Finally, please note that you must notify me of the fact that you have hired another attorney within 7 days of when your case is filed. If you do not, the guarantee is invalid.