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How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce?

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear has to do with the timing of getting a divorce in…

3 Steps to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Divorce

Divorce is usually a process that brings at least some degree of challenge with it. Yet, in spite of this,…

3 Important Questions to Ask Your Uncontested Divorce Attorney

When a couple going through a divorce is in agreement on the financial and divorce-related issues, such as child custody…

I Want a Divorce, but Cannot Locate My Spouse. What Do I Do?

It may sound strange, but wanting to divorce a missing spouse is not uncommon. Typically, when a person wants to…

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My name is Randall Wharton and I specialize in affordable uncontested Kansas divorces. My lowest-fee guarantee shows how confident I am that you won’t find a lower price anywhere, so contact me today to begin the process.

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